About Fantasy Sports Factory - Fantasy Sports Factory

Fantasy Sports Factory didn’t start as a business. It grew out of our love for (and, okay, maybe our obsession with) fantasy sports. We’ve been playing fantasy football for years and one day decided to create custom logos for our teams. The other coaches in our leagues got jealous and wanted logos for their teams as well. Pretty soon, every coach had a custom team logo to display on message boards, forums and draft-day signage.

It wasn’t long before we decided to use our logos to create custom mini helmets for our fantasy teams. The way we saw it, we own mini helmets for our favorite pro teams, but most weekends it’s our fantasy team we’re cheering for.

Once again, the other coaches became envious. And, once again, we gave in and produced mini helmets for everyone in our leagues.

So now we’re offering our services to you. If fantasy football is your life, bring your team to life, too, with a graphic identity, mini helmet and jersey.

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